SIGNATURE Body is a brand who create everything related to your avatar, mesh body and head for female and male, known as Gianni, Geralt and Alice since 2015 in the virtual world called: Second Life

We also provide items for your fashion style, clothes, shoes, textures appliers and accessories.

Our latest bodies update come with Bakes On Mesh for easy layers management and Bento for fingers movement.
If you still have an old version of your product, get a fresh redelivery at the Second Life in world mainstore terminal.
For more informations about the Second Life Bake On Mesh update read BoM knowledge base page.

SIGNATURE website has been created to provide help for customers to set up their SIGNATURE male, female mesh body and mesh head

You will find help, frequently asked questions, patch notes about our products, pictures gallery of Second Life bloggers, mesh developer kits, appliers kits, downloadable texture kits.

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