Content creators list

Below is the list of some highlighted creators who create mesh items and textures appliers for Signature body and head
you can find content creators of skins, tattoo, clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

Select which section you are looking for, textures or mesh products.

If you want to be a part of the content creators, you can submit an application, go to the MESH KITS page and fill out the form.
Else if you would like to be in this creators list, you can ask Mona Delpiaz or Raph Dirval directly in Second Life.

Mesh creators

Mesh contents for Alice body

Clothes and accessories
Little Devil Hatimam
UNA Una Daxter
RODEX Judaya Rodex
CORDEWA Mishi2223
Blackstone Danyhael Loon
CRY BUN BUN Mariana Mapochi
Swallow Luciayes Magic
E.K Eliyakay
INGENUE Betty Doyle
Asteroidbox Leithdrew
Vanilla Bae Hopey Honi
Little Fox Vertiline Colter
Glitzz Lissa Bohm
Vinyl Toasty Banana
Onyx Leathers Onyx Kelberry
ArisArisB&W Ariadna Garrigus
LEMONADE Luiza Oskar
Clef de Peau marcopol Oh
BOMBSHELL bombshellqueen
BAIASTICE Sissy Pessoa
Lybra Natzuka Miliandrovic
MIU DATRIP Blackbart
Treized Designs Treized
Hopes Creations HunniHope
Ema's Secret Emanuelle Bury
ITO India Umia
FurtaCor Marinahh Mayako
EgoxentriKaX & BLUEBELL karol Zahm
Passion Miha2406
YELIZ Chicky Shan
RealEvil Industries crashnoww
AlmaMiranda AlmaMiranda
StMark MARKOS221
Stars Stars Aichi
Emerald Couture JieJie Emerald
Remezzo jiiim Luik
EQUAL Kashvii Resident
Little Devil Hatimam
CRY BUN BUN Mariana Mapochi
PHEDORA Celena Galli
ENCHANTE Ensorcelante
Little Fox Vertiline Colter
INGENUE Betty Doyle
ArisArisB&W Ariadna Garrigus
BREATHE daisa Admiral
BAIASTICE Sissy Pessoa
Emerald Couture JieJie Emerald

Mesh contents for Gianni and Geralt body

Textures creators for Gianni, Geralt and Alice