Signature Heads

Our first realistic male mesh head
If you would like to try the heads, a demo of each one is available at the Signature Body mainstore,
get the DEMO
The head come built-in with all the features listed below.


You can change between multiples facial moods using the head HUD under the animations tab.


Different static facial expressions are available, you can play them using the head HUD

Advanced Lighting

The head use advanced lighting, shine, sweat and wet skin effects can be tweaked, also the glossiness, intensity and glow can be adjusted using the head HUD.


Under the pilosity HUD tab, you can change your hair, beard and brows styles.


The eyes colors, iris size, pupil dilatation and lashes can be tuned under the eyes HUD tab.


The teeth colors can be adjusted, you can add braces or grillz. Also the lips aspect.


Our heads use HD layers, that mean the hair, beard, brows, lashes, lips and teeth are high definition.


The head is sync with your microphone, it will play the selected animation while you talk if you have activated the detection gestures in your head folder. Also work while you type in local chat.


Using the animation API, you can trigger any animation available in the head using a local chat command or in a script.

Bakes on Mesh

Working with the Bakes on Mesh BOM system, you can wear multiples SL system layer over the head. BOM can be turned on and off.


Compatibles with Signature appliers.


Easily input or clear any texture applied over your head, using your main head HUD.


The head comes with a skin in multiples tones to fit your favourite skin color.


The head is compatible with most Second Life mesh body designers.


In the head HUD you will find a settings tab, parameters that you can change such as moving the HUD, redeliver or update, resetting scripts to factory and more...

Included items inside the mesh head package.
  • SIGNATURE Headhead content folder in Second Life
    • Head and Shape
      • Head(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Mesh Beard(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Mesh Hair(no modify) (no transfer)
      • HUD(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Hairbase and Brows Shape(no transfer)
      • Shape Ectomorph(no transfer)
      • Shape Endomorph(no transfer)
      • Shape Mesomorph(no transfer)
    • Skins
      • Skin - Ivory 1(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - Porcelain 2(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - Beige 3(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - Limestone 4(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - Sienna 5(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - Honey 6(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - Chestnut 7(no modify) (no transfer)
    • Alpha mask and Physics
      • Alpha Mask (Hide SL Head)(no transfer)
      • Alpha Mask (Hide SL Eyes)(no transfer)
      • Voice Detection Low pitch(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Voice Detection Medium pitch(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Voice Detection High pitch(no modify) (no transfer)
    • Signature Head Informations(no modify)