On this page, you can find a record of all the changes we are doing on the SIGNATURE products, bug fixes, updates and new features.
Any non-listed bugs please contact Mona Delpiaz using private message or a notecard directly in Second Life.

  1. Geralt Head v1.1
  2. Gianni Body v4.5
  3. Gianni Head v2.6
  4. Geralt Body Dev Kit v1.1
  5. Geralt Body v1.0
  6. Geralt Head v1.0
  7. Geralt Body Dev Kit v1.0
  8. Gianni Body v4.4
  9. Gianni Body Dev Kit v2.1
  10. Gianni Head v2.5
  11. Gianni Body v4.3a
  12. Gianni Body v4.3
  13. Gianni Body v4.2
  14. Gianni Body v4.1
  15. Gianni Body v4.0
  16. Gianni Head v2.0
  17. Gianni Body v3.5
  18. Gianni Body v3.4
  19. Gianni Head v1.1
  20. Gianni Head v1.0
  21. Gianni Body v3.1
  22. Gianni Body v3.0
  23. Gianni Body v2.9
  24. Gianni Body v2.8
  25. Gianni Body v2.7
  26. Gianni Body v2.6
  27. Gianni Body v2.5
  28. Gianni Body v2.4
  29. Gianni Body v2.3

Geralt Head v1.1 February, 2018

  • the possibility to delete all scripts in the head for roleplay users

Gianni Body v4.5 February, 2018

  • the alpha saving system has changed to an easier managing method
  • for those who does not like the Auto Hide feature, you can now turn it on or off
  • the possibility to delete all scripts in the body for roleplay users
  • on the alpha HUD the feet was backward on the back side of the body

Gianni Head v2.6 February, 2018

  • the possibility to delete all scripts in the head for roleplay users

Geralt Body Dev Kit v1.1 February, 2018

  • when binding a mesh to the armature, the model was messed up (Freeze Selected)

Geralt Body v1.0 February, 2018

  • Geralt Body

Geralt Head v1.0 February, 2018

  • Geralt Head

Geralt Body Dev Kit v1.0 February, 2018

  • Geralt Body Dev Kit

Gianni Body v4.4 November, 2017

  • changed default attachment points, body avatar center, hands R forearm and feet R lower leg
  • bringing back the body in 1 piece, 3 attachments, hands, feet and body
  • reworked the alpha saves system
  • Omega applier script system to their latest version
  • the auto updater system only send 1 update per day to prevent spam on re-login
  • "starfish" animation on right hand, was caused by the left hand motion animation
  • minor issue with the nails normal maps on 1st reset
  • if 1 hand was not animated, the other hand animation was not playing the animation on re-login
  • 1 hide and show buttons with differents alpha presets
  • auto alpha for clothes, accessories (auto alpha kit available at the Gianni display vendor)
  • REFRESH ALL excepted limbs button, being useless, since we can detach hands and feet separatly from the body

Gianni Body Dev Kit v2.1 November, 2017

  • the dev kit armature to Avastar Bento v2.0.45 (avastar-2RC7) and Blender v2.78a
  • accurate body extremities, ankle wrist and neck as OBJ
  • collada (DAE) file of the armature, this extension work on most 3D software
  • 2 differents Signature logos, for your vendors

Gianni Head v2.5 September, 2017

  • small offset on the UVMAP left side bellow the ear
  • a weird shadow effect when the ears was hidden
  • alpha glitch while using the eyelashes with a eyeliners texture
  • specular and normal textures maps to the head face layer
  • skin pore effect, can be turned ON and OFF
  • "question mark" icon on the HUD bar, this button bring you directly to
  • mesh eyes with 6 colors, work with Omega (eyes can be hidden like the ears)
  • new makeup layer, total of 6 layers in this order (face, tattoo, makeup, eyebrows, beard and hair)
  • voice animations as gestures (3 voice activation levels)
  • you can change the size of the HUD bigger or smaller
  • 3 different speed for the eyes blinking
  • 3 different speed between each random animations
  • randomization system for animations (facials expressions and eyes blinks)
  • HUD have a brand new interface, easier and quicker to use
  • the mesh of the head, closer to the older Gianni static mesh head shape
  • SL shape sliders: nose, mouth, jaw and chin
  • the demo mesh piece arround the purchased version of the head

Gianni Body v4.3a September, 2017

  • the hands attachment point is now on "Chest"

Gianni Body v4.3 September, 2017

  • underwear and clothes layers was "alpha'd" by default
  • Omega nails applier was not working on the left hand nails
  • while changing the HUD attachment point, the HUD was in the wrong direction
  • the wrist bone has been shrunk, preventing long sleeves clothes to glitch through
  • now the body is in 4 attachments (Upper, Lower, Hands and Feet) to prevent the body from disappearing to certain users
  • reduced the quantity of linked prims to prevent the body from not loading correctly to certain users
  • hiding/showing the fingers/toes will also remove nails

Gianni Body v4.2 September, 2017

  • HOT FIX hands animations was not interacting with the HUD

Gianni Body v4.1 September, 2017

  • on certain circumstances the HUD script was out of memory
  • an issue while saving alpha preset
  • more possibilities to mask/blend layers (mean you can overlap a tattoo on the torso and one on the arms on a different layer)
  • "refresh all excepted limbs" button (you can now refresh all the body excepted the hands and feet)
  • HUD scaling, you are now able to make the HUD smaller or bigger by clicking the icons on the bar
  • you can now hide/show fingers and toes nails separately from the hands and feet
  • "question mark" icon on the HUD bar, this button bring you directly to
  • template alpha mask only hiding the top and bottom of the default SL body
  • the layers underwear and clothes are hidden by default, that why the body is not opaque white underwater (can be turned on the Layers HUD tab)
  • the minimized bar has been replaced with a small Signature LOGO
  • the tattoo layer is now set to BLEND mode and clothes, underwear to MASK mode by default
  • refresh all body button is more efficient

Gianni Body v4.0 September, 2017

  • the body was white on certain circumstances
  • each layer can be hidden or cleared separately
  • 3 alphas cut on hands (fingers, palm and wrist)
  • switch between 2 types of alpha selection, per part or per section
  • all layers (body, tattoo, underwear and clothes) can now be hidden by parts
  • skin pore effect, can be turned ON and OFF
  • the clothes layer now have gloves and socks
  • we replaced the inworld notecards with this website (MANUAL, FAQ, DEVKITS, ...)
  • preselected alpha sections
  • the demo mesh piece around the purchased version of the body
  • the whole body is now in 2 attachments, top and bottom
  • the hands are no longer rigged with their own bones, mean you can combine with any bento type hands
  • fingernails and toenails textures
  • hands shape, more depth and wrist details
  • lowered the complexity and attachment per square meter of the body
  • the body is now fully rigged to the new BENTO armature
  • HUD have a brand new interface, easier and quicker to use
  • scripts in the HUD and BODY
  • alpha and color save slots
  • simplified the alpha blend and alpha mask system
  • Omega applier script, compatible with the new features

Gianni Head v2.0 April, 2017

  • this head is now rigged using new Second Life BENTO bones
  • added gums, teeth and tongue
  • added eyelashes
  • added inner neck piece to hide small gap from zoom distance
  • better ears modeling
  • added facial expressions (16 eyes and 16 mouth animations)
  • the eyes blinking is now using few animations in a random order
  • added mouth talking animation while you are typing in the local chat
  • added a new HUD page called ANIMS
  • added the possibility to tint the eyelashes
  • added eyelashes (4 textures in the core HUD)
  • reduced the amount and the size of icons textures for a quicker texture loading

Gianni Body v3.5 March, 2017

  • in certain cases hands could appears stretched to other users
  • 1 fingers motion on both hands
  • the possibility to clear the whole selected layer in the CLEAR LAYERS button
  • quickly input your glossiness amount, by clicking on the display numbers
  • rearranged the LIMBS hud page

Gianni Body v3.4 March, 2017

  • old Gianni static hand by new BENTO hands
  • 10 hands/fingers animations using BENTO bones
  • 1 animation without fingers for animals avatar who is using PAWS
  • 80 more ALPHA CUTS (front/back arms, front/back legs)
  • the inner neck mesh piece to work correctly with the Gianni MESH HEAD
  • specular and normal textures maps to the body skin layer
  • shortcuts to quickly clear your layers, using the CLEAR LAYERS button
  • added specularity manage buttons on the SKIN page
  • reduced the amount and the size of icons textures for a quicker texture loading

Gianni Head v1.1 November, 2016

  • eyes blink, can be turned on and off
  • eyes positions: opened, mid opened, closed
  • 2 new head texture type: mature and young
  • 2 textures of each: 2 hair, 2 beard and 2 eyebrows

Gianni Head v1.0 October, 2016

  • Gianni Head

Gianni Body v3.1 October, 2016

  • 3 more alpha cuts to Gianni upper arms left and right
  • possibility to change the color of the nails hands/feet
  • small fixes and improvements

Gianni Body v3.0 August, 2016

  • mesh with improved hand position and more naturally shaped fingers/thumb shape
  • replaced straight hand pose with a more relaxed position
  • now the gloves layer cover all nails
  • hands polygons count has been reduce
  • hands is now in 2 attachment points LEFT and RIGHT

Gianni Body v2.9 July, 2016

  • possibility to apply different textures per sides, left and right, arm, hand, foot and nails
  • 2 buttons to quickly hide left or right arm
  • improved the alpha saving and apply, now faster
  • change the colors of the selected layer
  • nails textures for feet and hands
  • INPUT TEXTURE button, apply texture wherever you want
  • CLEAR LAYERS button, to clear any body part
  • change MASK BLEND alpha mode separately
  • it was impossible to change the color of the neck sheath gradient

Gianni Body v2.8 June, 2016

  • v2.8 is needed if you want to apply incoming addons from Signature
  • small fixes and improvements

Gianni Body v2.7 May, 2016

  • new icons to interact with 2 new different feet cuts in the LIMBS page
  • teleport to the Signature Store on checking for updates
  • improved HEX color code input
  • using alpha refresh all, 1 part of the body wasn't showing
  • channel listening, now you have your own channel, causing less lag
  • 2 new feet cuts, middle feet cut and ankle cut
  • the arms clothes layer, was the wrong thickness
  • less deep belly button shape
  • improvement belly/stomach rig

Gianni Body v2.6 April, 2016

  • was able to change parts, section or refreshing alphas during alpha saving, caused wrong save
  • neck fix mesh gradient now OFF by default
  • cool-down was stuck if the server was not responding
  • inflated the calf muscle a bit, look more round
  • smoothed the knees
  • better butt cheeks
  • completely rebuild the feet, more realistic toes shape
  • improved body fitted weights
  • inside neck piece, between the neck and head junction, preventing gap from zoom distance...

Gianni Body v2.5 March, 2016

  • few more alpha cut on chest/abs
  • hands positions HUD icons now black and white
  • replaced ALPHA TATTOO button to CLEAR LAYERS button
  • reworked alpha mask code, now faster
  • sometimes the 'NECK FIX' texture was in the wrong ALPHA MODE
  • forced body texture to ALPHA MODE NONE
  • fixed a bug where the right HAND nail showed the wrong texture
  • more mesh details on shoulders, arms and throat...
  • smoothed the rig to the back/butt area, when butt shape slider was above 10
  • improved the shoulder/armpit rig area
  • the UVMAP, less stretched and better adapted to the SL default UV
  • few more alpha cut on chest/abs, better fit with open jacket/shirt
  • bulge on underwear and clothes layers
  • reworked default skin texture: added details, adjustments and skin pore
  • more realistic skin tones 8 white to chocolate and 4 chocolate to black

Gianni Body v2.4 March, 2016

  • debug message mistake while clicking on the UPDATE button
  • 3 new refresh buttons for a quick body section alpha refreshing
  • bug where it was impossible to hide the right hand glove layer
  • 9 new hands poses
  • the hands and feet hide/show interaction

Gianni Body v2.3 February, 2016

  • Gianni Body