Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a record of all the frequently asked questions from the Second Life users.

  • Why is my body fully white ?

    Sometimes underwater, the body may appear white if your layers are set in alpha mask mode. To prevent this issue, you will need to hide all layers, or turn your layers to alpha mode BLEND, note that you cannot overlap 2 blended textures (bodyhair and tattoo).

  • Why is my body/head reset every time i take off or log out?

    Sometimes after a log out, your body/head may be completely reset (no texture, alphas reset, ...) after a logout. This is caused by a lag or an overloaded cache of your Second Life viewer, we suggest you to clear your SL viewer network cache and restart.
    with SL viewer: Preferences > Advanced > and then select: Clear Cache
    with FireStorm viewer: Preferences > Network & Files > Directories > and then select: Clear Cache

  • How do i gift a product ?

    Simply touch (or right click > touch) the vendor product you would like to gift and follow the popup dialog instructions.

  • My BENTO animations does not play on my hands

    If you are using your own animations or any other animations different from Signature.
    1. wear the main Body HUD, and go to Options page
    2. and click Stop Animations
    You can now use your own BENTO animations without any interference.

  • My HUD does not work properly (blurry, clipping, ...)

    1. we suggest you to clear your SL viewer network cache and restart
    2. to interact properly with your HUD you need to go on a non-restricted script region
    3. make sure your (LOD) Level of Detail is set to maximum for a better rendering and script interaction in your SL viewer graphic settings

  • Why my head/hands look deformed ?

    Sometimes the Second Life BENTO bones appear to be deformed if you are playing other creator animations.
    with SL viewer: right click your avatar > reset Skeleton And Animations
    with FireStorm viewer: right click yoru avatar > Appearance > Reset > and then select: Skel. & Anim

  • How do i do if i want my head bald or shaved ?

    1. Wear the main head HUD > Options page
    2. Go to LAYERS UTILS tab
    3. Click CLEAR LAYERS button and select which layer you want to clear

  • I bought a Signature product and i did not receive it

    It may be caused by a network lag or you simply missed it. Make sure you have not muted the delivery server by mistake. If you missed the gift popup menu or the body has not been delivered at all, go to the middle of the Signature mainstore, there is a Redelivery Terminal:
    click the terminal > go to CasperVend web page > select the product to redeliver

  • My addons/appliers does not seem to work on my body or head

    To interact properly with your addons/appliers you need to go on a non-restricted script region. Be careful each product have their own appliers or addons, for example: Gianni Body appliers will only work for the Gianni Body. If you bought an Anthony beard addon and trying to apply it on the Gianni Head it won't work!

  • I would like to create appliers, can i have the textures KIT ?

    The textures KITS are available for the public you can get your textures KIT in the mainstore near any vendor panels.
    For example: if you want the Gianni Body textures KIT, go to the mainstore at the Gianni Body display vendor, and get your KIT by right clicking the TEXTURES KIT button.

  • I would like to create mesh (clothes, shoes, accessories...), can i have the DEV KIT ?

    You can do an application, go to the DEV KITS page and fill out the form.

If you have a question and couldn't find it here, contact Raph Dirval or Mona Delpiaz using private message or
a notecard directly in Second Life.